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Magento MatrixRates UK, EU and Rest of world CSV file for shipping methods

So this is a fiddly one and there doesn’t seem to be a pre-configured CSV out there for people to download, customize and import back into their Matrix Rates module.

Here is Sprouts pre-configured CSV file with a full list of all the Magento country codes (a separate column with EU or ROW (Rest of world) for ease of use) and a order value setup for specifying shipping rates based on the total amount of the order.

The CSV is an edited version of the export from the WebShopApps MatrixRate free version so for best practice grab a copy of the module, install it and then import your tweaked CSV.

Be sure to remove columns B and C before you re-import it

Hope this saves people some time

Automatic address look up for Magento by postcode

Here’s a great FREE module for Magento to add automatic address lookup for your customers.

This will dramatically speed up the checkout process thus increasing revenue and decreasing bounce rates!

The module is by Crafty Clicks and is available in the Magento Connect store

The module charges by lookup. An account must be created at the Crafty Clicks website and credits bought. The minimum is 300 lookups costing around £11, Bargain!

We have used this module on various Magento developments and its never failed to drop straight into our template and works great.